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Long riding boots, tall riding boot, field boots,
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Toe protection, foot injuries, Hoof Proof, safety riding boots, steel toe cap, steel toe capped riding boots

An accident can happen in a flash of a second, often resulting in, at best a bruise and at worst broken toes. Yet a properly constructed boot with toe protection especially designed for the equestrian environment, would eliminate most of the risks.

Equitector is a pioneer in this field and in 1991 we launched our first truly safe riding boot. From the outset our safety record is unblemished. All our boots have been tested for safety by an independent accredited testing house and comply with the CE safety standard EN ISO 20346.


All Equitector riding boots have built in Hoof Proof toe protection that cannot be felt nor seen and is there just in case your horse wants to make a good impression on you!

But how safe are our boots?

Equitector has put a lot of research into the safety aspects and our first hand equestrian knowledge was essential. Whilst the toe cap can withstand 1000 kilos (2200 lbs), it is on soft ground where the rider is most at risk.

Toe protection, Hoof Proof, safety riding boots, steel toe cap, steel toe capped riding boots, riding boot soles If the sole construction is insufficient in strength and rigidity, then the steel toe cap will squeeze through the sole into the soil and squash all your toes with the ceiling of the cap.
Safety standard, Ce en346, CE en 345, EN ISO 20346 Safety soles, toe cap, steel toe cap. As we are horse riders, we were aware of this problem from the outset and therefore our sole construction is re-enforced to eliminate this exposure.

In case of an accident on soft ground, the whole of the forepart of the boot will sink into the ground and not just the steel toe cap. The compartment that protects the foot remains intact. 

 For Health & Safety law at work Click Here

The Climate Control boots are insulated on the inside of the toecaps to protect the feet from the cold of the metal during the winter.

Are your feet Hoof Proof?

Warning: As the European safety standard requirements assume that the boot are used on hard surfaces, conventional industrial footwear may not necessarily be safe on soft ground. Equitector boots are designed to be safe on soft ground. 

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