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Equitector's award winning Climate Control Technology is simply unique due to its insulative interior which is designed to keep your feet at body temperature whatever the weather.

How does it work?

Cold feet, thermal lined boots, cold weather, warm feet, insulative boots, ice, snow, sweaty feet, climate control
Climate Control Lining
1 Soft cotton Cambrelle for coolness
2 Porous sponge layer for air circulation
3 Reflective foil for heat retention

A heat reflective space blanket foil is sandwiched in between the Cambrelle lining and leather and also underneath the insole of the boot. (the foil illustrated is not against your foot) Your body heat is reflected back and trapped inside the boot.
Your feet will remain constantly at body temperature.

The boots prevent cold feet in temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F) and therefore thermal or double winter socks are no longer needed.

But not just for winter...

The system works equally well in hot weather. When the external (outside) temperature rises, because there is no climate change inside the riding boots, walking boots and farrier boots, the foot does not overheat and you will not get sweaty feet as you would in thermal lined boots.

The foil is heat conductive and draws heat away from the hottest points and distributes it evenly around the foot. Even if it is +35°C (100°F) outside this prevents your feet from overheating.

Confused by terminology?

Cold feet, thermal lined boots, cold weather, warm feet, insulative boots, ice, snow, sweaty feet, climate controlSome other brands claim that they too have Climate Control. However these boots are likely to be thermal lined and will only be suitable for cold and wintery conditions. They are sure to create sweaty feet when the weather warms up.

Equitector boots are the only boots that are suitable for use all the year round in any climate or weather and they prevent sweaty feet in warm conditions. That is why these brands are no substitute and cannot be compared to the unique Equitector Climate Control technology.



Our boots are currently in use by riders in countries with any climate :

Colder Climates : UK - Holland - Germany - France - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - USA - Canada - New Zealand

Hot Climates : Hawaii - Singapore - Hong-Kong - Japan -South Africa - Australia
All Equitector boots have our Climate Control technology.

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