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Zip Guard - Ankle guard

Are your heels hurting in walk?

Our of the shelf riding boots are designed for an average ankle - Achilles tendon width.

For those with narrow ankles the boot may be a little too wide at that point which could cause the zip to rub a little against the Achilles tendon.

A padded zip guard which protects the ankle will prevent this problem.

You are only likely to need this if you have slim ankles

If you are unsure if you need this, please contact us.

The guard can be added to your boots but needs to be sewn at our factory and therefore you will need to return your boots to us.

If the guard is ordered with a new pair of boots the cost will £ 12.00 instead of the price shown below.


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Zip Guard - Ankle guard Accessories

Online Price: £16.00
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