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Long riding boots, tall riding boot, field boots, Horse riding boots, equestrian boots Long life durability
Multi-fit, fits any calf width
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Long riding boots, tall riding boot, field boots,
safety riding boots, dressage boots
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Leg Size Checker
How to measure your legs
Wear your regular riding clothes, no boots.
Sit yourself on a straight backed chair.
Sit upright and put your feet down straight.
Measure your leg height from the crease at the back of the knee to the ground.
Get someone to measure the width of both your calves (it is important you remain seated upright for this step).
Measure your lower leg widths. The correct place for this is half way up you leg. ie. If your leg height is 16" (40cm) then measure it at height 8" (20cm) from the floor.
Measure your ankles at 3" (8cm) above your ankle bone.
If your measurements fall between to choices in the menus below, please select the larger of the two sizes.
The boots will drop about 12 mm, 1/2 " in height once worn in. This has been allowed for in the calculations.
1. Choice of Size Measurement
2. What is your regular shoe size?
3. What type of boot are you interested in?
4. What is your leg height?
5. What are your calf widths?
Left Calf
Right Calf
6. Please select your lower leg widths
Left Lower Leg
Right Lower Leg
7. Please select your ankle widths
Left Ankle
Right Ankle
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