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Long riding boots, tall riding boot, field boots,
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We are privileged to have so many loyal wearers of Equitector Boots. We would like to know what you think of our products and why you choose to wear 'More Than Just A Boot'.

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What the Public Thinks .......

Congratulations on your Equi Master boots!

January 02 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to congratulate you on your Equi Master boots. I have found them to be extremely useful, but for a slightly unorthodox reason than horse care and riding! Please read on.

Since Summer 2002, I have been responsible for a friend's mare, and as she is kept at a DIY livery yard all the work - both mucky and otherwise, was done by myself. A friend recommended Equitector boots to me, and so shortly before Christmas I bought a pair of Equi Masters online. However, before I could put them to their intended use, I was the victim of a serious road traffic accident, sustaining multiple injuries that included a scarred eye, two broken arms, and a broken left foot.

Once the plaster cast came off my leg, I found that I could not walk whilst wearing "normal" fashion shoes; some of them didn't even fit my foot anymore due to a bony lump left on my foot from the healing process. I tried my as-yet unused Equi Masters; not only did they fit perfectly, they gently supported my foot and helped greatly in my learning to walk again. Your"Easy Rider" technology actually helped my balance while I was slowly regaining my strength, and the supportive ankle padding in the boots was a bonus too.

Kelly Paine


27.03.2017 Service and comfort
08.03.2017 Quality & Service
22.10.2016 Komfort
19.10.2016 High quality and expert service
11.10.2016 My 4th pair
10.07.2016 Wonderful customer service
16.04.2016 Warm in winter
29.11.2015 waterproofness
17.11.2015 Feel like slippers
25.08.2015 Boots that actually fit!
22.06.2015 Boots are great!
11.04.2015 I will just forget how good they are
24.03.2015 What don't I love about them!!
15.02.2015 Warm at hunting
26.01.2015 A cold feet problem solved.
24.01.2015 My third pair
30.12.2014 Better than certain other men's boots!
11.10.2014 Long life
25.09.2014 Durable and comfortable boots
18.08.2014 velcro boots
08.08.2013 comfort
01.06.2013 My Second pair long boots.
16.03.2013 Absolutely fab!
19.02.2013 And so much more!
13.12.2012 Smart boots
25.10.2012 My third pair,
20.02.2012 My feet did not get cold!!!
06.01.2012 Long boots like a pair of slippers.
04.10.2011 Comfortable and supportive
18.09.2011 Balance system loved by Greek rider.
16.09.2011 Brilliant for endurance riding
30.08.2011 When Service is counts,
18.06.2011 Comfortable boots for hunting
28.05.2011 Just great boots!
07.04.2011 My feet are always warm
21.02.2011 Fabulous boots
16.02.2011 Comfortable and Durable
10.01.2011 My pair of seconds from the Bargian Section.
03.06.2010 Talk about comfortable!
20.04.2010 These boots are fantastic!
24.03.2010 Thanks
31.01.2010 I am thrilled with these boots
03.01.2010 Wow - the best boots I have ever worn!!!!
30.07.2009 I love the durability.
19.06.2009 I LOVE your boots!
03.06.2009 These boots saved my legs.
30.05.2009 FANTASTIC VALUE!!!
24.03.2009 I love my Hunting boots
14.03.2009 Balance system & Comfort
02.03.2009 I love Hoof Proof best
03.01.2009 Sure on the foot in mud,
27.12.2008 From Tina Th.
03.11.2006 Custom Made Beautiful Boots
03.11.2006 I Left My Others In Mozambique !
04.08.2006 The best boots in the world!
04.07.2006 I adore your boots!
01.06.2006 We wouldn't wear anything else!
05.05.2006 She swears by your boots!
02.04.2006 I love my chill busters!
02.03.2006 Thanks for a great product!
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